Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

So you have been arrested for driving under the influence, now what? What to do if you get a DUI charge? How to beat a DUI charge? How to cope with a DUI charge? Regardless if you’re guilty o not, you will feel better in appearing to court with a lawyer by your side. However, a general criminal law attorney may not defend your case well in the court as they do not have thorough knowledge about DUI laws.  That’s why you need an experienced  DUI defense attorney.

But, how can you find the best DUI lawyer? The best way on how to choose a good lawyer for your DUI case is through referrals. Ask recommendations from people who have worked with a DUI lawyer before. If you do not know someone who has had worked with a DUI attorney before, you can schedule an initial appointment with our featured top Rochester DUI lawyer.

Here are the top 9 questions to ask a DWI lawyer to find out if he/she is the best professional to help you get out of the bad situation.

Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer - Top Nine

questions to ask your dui lawyer

1.  Do You Handle a Wide Range of Cases or How Do You Specialize in DUI Cases?

The results of the past DUI cases do not always reflect to the success of the DWI lawyer – the results still depend on many factors. It is important to remember that DUI cases are complex and therefore require the experience, knowledge, and expertise of the lawyer who focuses on DUI defense cases. Many DUI lawyers are members of the National College of DUI Defense. When you find a DUI lawyer who is a member, you can have confidence that your attorney has a background in DUI law. Before you leave the DUI/ DWI attorney office, see to it that you are confident that you have someone who is skilled and experienced in DUI law who can defend your case.

2.  Is the Lawyer I Hire Will Be the One Who Personally Handles My DUI Case?

Since many DUI lawyers are part of a huge firm, senior attorneys may assign your case with a lawyer who is just beginning on his/her career. If you want to the charges against you to be dropped, see to it that the lawyer who will represent you is respected and experience. During the initial consultation, ask your attorney if he/she will be handling your case personally. In addition, it’s best to hire a local DUI attorney to ensure that you can contact him/her at times you need him/her the most.

3.  What Are Your Special Training or Other Certifications?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your DUI lawyer. Most DUI prosecutions present results from field of sobriety tests and theses tests are approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and subjected to scientific study. Your DUI defense attorney should be able to determine which tests are NHTSA approved. How to get out of a DUI charge depends upon the expertise of your DUI/DWI lawyer.

4.  What Representations Are Included in Your Fee?

During the initial consultation with the DUI lawyer whom you prefer to handle your case, ask if he/she will charge you for the legal consultation. How much is the rate that the DUI attorney charges is one of the most significant questions to ask your DUI lawyer. Some lawyers will charge you a single flat fee, while more experienced attorneys will charge you by the hour or for every legal consultation, email, phone call, and even court appearances.

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5.  What Are the Worst or Best Outcomes Should I Expect From My DUI Case?

Keep in mind that no DUI lawyer/ DWI defense lawyer can promise you the best case scenario. But, prospective Dui lawyers can provide you with the best outcome that will likely to happen based on his/her experience and skills considering other factors such as the witnesses, the prosecution’s evidences, and so on.

6.  Are You A Member of a National Organization Such as the National College of DUI Defense?

The DUI lawyer you must hire should answer this question with Yes. Many general practice lawyers accept DUI cases in the hopes that they can learn the experience from your situation. They do not make great effort to learning the science of defending you against the DUI charges. DUI cases are complex, so the lawyer you should hire must have an in depth knowledge on both the art and science of DUI cases. General practice lawyers may be jack of all trades, but at the same time master of none. In fact, a generalist lawyer will charge you with low fees to plead your case in the court. Members of the National College of DUI Defense are committed to their practice and dedicated to push the fine art and science of DUI defense.

7.  Did You Undergo a Formal Training in Administrating Standard Filed Sobriety Tests?

Field sobriety tests are the procedures conducted by roadside officers once you are arrested while driving under the influence. This is one of the most important questions to ask your DUI lawyer as some sobriety tests may be rendered invalid if the lawyer proved that these tests are improperly done. This knowledge allows DUI lawyers to provide you with the best DUI defense when the prosecution has acquired the standardized field sobriety tests as evidence against you. Ask the lawyer for a certification that proves that he/she has received a specialized training in this area. If you meet the lawyer at his office, this certification usually hangs in the wall of his office.

8.  When Was Your Last DUI Case? How Did It Go? Did You Win?

This is among the tops questions to ask your DUI lawyer you should not forget. It is recommended that you work with a lawyer who has recently won the case he/she has handled. In addition, do not forget to ask your lawyer when his next trial is. Dedicated DUI lawyers usually have one trial to attend in a week. Ask him/her what court it will be and you can go there and watch. Through this way, you can watch the lawyer perform at the court. This will give you idea on how he will defend your case.

9.  Have You Been Invited to Instruct or Teach Other Lawyers, Law Students, or Police Officers?

DUI lawyers who have been invited to teach other professionals is a good sign that he/she is accomplished in the field of DUI defense. Ask you lawyer how often he/she teaches other professionals in relation to DUI defense.

Before you schedule an appointment, see to it that you have prepared your top questions to ask your DUI lawyer. Through your preparation in this way, the interview will go much smoother and you will no longer need to schedule numerous screening appointments with the same or other attorneys. This will save you valuable time and potentially initial consultation fees.