Find A Lawyer For Your Case

If you are facing DUI charges, make no mistake: you need to find a lawyer. That should be no problem—there’s one lawyer for every 200 people in the United States.  But how do you make sure you’re choosing a good one? Let’s face it, you’re putting your future in your attorney’s hands and trusting him to get the very best outcome for your case. There are ways to make the best possible choice, but first let’s take a look at the things you should NOT do.

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Find A Lawyer For Your Case - Top Tips

Bad Ways to Choose an Attorney

  • Don’t choose a lawyer because you saw him in an ad on TV. While it’s definitely possible that a lawyer who advertises on TV might be excellent, the fact that you’ve seen his commercials is not a good reason to choose him. What do you really know about him and his work?
  • Don’t choose a lawyer from the phone book. Again, while every attorney in your area is surely listed there, this is a silly way to select an attorney. Having an impressive-looking ad in the phone book is no indication that he is a great attorney.

Consider these better ways to find a lawyer.

Look for a DUI Defense Specialist

 Like doctors, lawyers have different specialties. Just as you would not ask a dermatologist to fix your broken leg, you don’t want to consult a divorce attorney (even though you might have had a great one) to defend your DUI case. Our featured attorney in Rochester, NY is thoroughly familiar with the DUI laws of the state and is therefore better equipped to assist you than a general practice attorney or a specialist in some other branch of the law would be. Just as with doctors, it is possible that a specialist may cost more—but knowing that a DUI case can impact your life for years to come, the difference in amounts is money you will never regret spending.

Check Out His Reputation

 Ask around. Do you have any friends, acquaintances, or relatives who have hired a DUI attorney? Not everyone likes to advertise the fact that they’ve had a DUI, but if you let your friends know you need to hire an attorney and ask for their recommendations, chances are they will at least know someone who can give you some names. Talk directly with these former clients, if possible. Their candid opinions of the attorney and his work will tell you far more than any advertisement could. If you still can’t settle on a candidate who seems right, or if you have one in mind but cannot locate any of his former clients to talk with, try asking any lawyer you’ve used in the past for a referral. Your bankruptcy or divorce attorney would not be the best choices to defend your DUI case, but they should be able to name a DUI attorney that they believe is honest and capable, and one who will work hard to defend you.

Here's an attorney's view in making your choice...

Find A Lawyer For Your Case - Top Tips Video Brief

Ask the Bar Association 

One other way you can find a lawyer is by checking with the local bar association. They may not screen the attorneys, but they can provide some names of DUI defense attorneys for you to begin considering. To screen out any problem candidates, you might first want to check your State Bar’s website. It will allow you to see whether there are any pending disciplinary actions against the attorney you have in mind.

Your Company’s EAP…Maybe

Many workplaces have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that could help you to find a lawyer to defend your DUI case. Such programs can help to relieve the burden of various life situations so that employees are better able to focus on their jobs. If your company offers such a program, however, you must proceed with caution. Does the program promise to offer assistance in a 100% confidential manner? Even if the answer is yes, please think carefully about whether your job would be at risk if your DUI arrest became known to your employer. Your own personal circumstances will determine whether or not using your EAP is a good option in your situation.

The Right Lawyer for You

While it’s imperative to find a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense and who enjoys a great reputation in the community, it’s also very important to find a lawyer who is right for YOU. When you think you have found a good candidate, see how he stacks up to this checklist.

  • Good communicator. Your attorney should answer your questions, respond to your calls, and return your messages. Obviously you are not his only client and cannot be his main priority at all times, but he should not leave you hanging. You should be kept in the loop about whatever is going on with your case.
  • Personality match. We meet many people in our lives; some we feel an affinity with and some we don’t. Sometimes you just get a sense that a person “gets” you, when other times they seem to look at you as though they can’t figure you out. Personality match is a goal to shoot for in an attorney-client relationship. It is much to your benefit for you to select an attorney with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Has questions for you. If you get the feeling that a prospective attorney is dealing with you as though you’re just one more client in an endless conveyor belt of clients—keep searching! Every case is different, and a diligent attorney should have plenty of questions for you about yours.
  • Open about costs. Your attorney should be willing and able to discuss what it will cost for him to represent you. While he may or may not be able to give you an exact total, he can advise you exactly how his payment will be structured (fixed rate, hourly fee, etc.) so that you will never be surprised by unexpected costs.
  • Offers a consultation. A face-to-face meeting is often the best way to determine whether a particular attorney—skilled though he may be—is right for you. You are invited to contact our featured attorney in Rochester, NY, to schedule a consultation.

DUI is a serious offense which can result in harsh consequences. You cannot afford to select an attorney at random and hope for the best. This is your future we’re talking about! Search carefully, screen wisely, and find a lawyer who will work hard to get you the best outcome possible.