DUI Success Stories

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, your friends may be telling you that there are no DUI success stories. On the contrary, with a skillful defense, DUI cases can be won. Take care to select a trained DUI specialist and you will greatly improve your chances.

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DUI Success Stories Start With Situations To Be Avoided

A skilled, experienced attorney such as our featured attorney in Rochester, NY, will strive to avoid certain perils in order to best represent you and secure the optimal outcome for your case. Situations to be avoided if possible might include:

  • Putting you on the stand. While it may be necessary, to contradict the testimony of the arresting officer, putting a DUI defendant on the stand is not highly recommended. For one thing, your nervousness (while understandable) may suggest guilt in the minds of the jury. If at all possible, it’s better for the attorney to create reasonable doubt in the jury’s mind without subjecting you to cross-examination by the prosecutor.
  • Approaching the case with a pessimistic attitude. A failed breathalyzer test does not automatically mean that all is lost and you must plead guilty. Many factors must be carefully considered as your attorney decides how to proceed with your case. Breathalyzers can malfunction. Police officers can make errors. If you find yourself dealing with a lawyer who charges a bargain-basement rate and then advises his clients to plead guilty without even trying to create DUI success stories for them, will you really be satisfied that you paid him anything  at all?
  • Accepting breathalyzer results without question. If you don’t get arrested for DUI habitually (and we certainly hope you don’t) you may not be aware that there are very strict methods for the administration of the breathalyzer test. If your attorney merely accepts the results and does not check to make sure it was administered properly, you may be unfairly disadvantaged.
  • Failing to do his homework. Will your attorney visit the arrest location to check out the conditions there? Will he consult with experts? Will he go spend time interviewing you? Will he go over your arrest report closely, seeking a way to help you? A lawyer with a collection of DUI success stories to his credit did not earn his reputation by doing nothing. You can and should expect him to work hard at helping you.

DUI Success Stories - A Quick Video Example

Don’t despair. DUI cases are won or dismissed every day. As you are in the process of selecting the best attorney to represent you, look for the following.

  • A winning attitude. If your attorney thinks he has no chance to win your case, he’s probably right—but that’s largely a matter of attitude. He should be ready to prepare, to learn the facts, and to go into the courtroom with every intention of defeating the prosecutor.
  • A good listener. Your attorney should sit down with you and listen closely to the story of your DUI arrest. Only then can he determine possible defense strategies, and only then can he give you some idea of what your defense might cost. If you are quoted a price before a conversation like this takes place, something is wrong.
  • Willingness to try the case. DUI success stories are not made from automatic guilty pleas. If your attorney is taking your money, he should be willing to fight for you.
  • DUI specialist. If you have limited experience with legal skirmishes, it may seem to you that one lawyer is like another. This is absolutely untrue. While your college friend or your sister-in-law might be fine attorneys, a tax attorney or a divorce lawyer is not what you need right now. Only a DUI specialist will have the expertise you need at this crucial time. They stay in touch with the latest changes in DUI laws and keep their knowledge of DUI science current. They read DUI publications and attend seminars. They are uniquely prepared to defend you.

Join the DUI Success Stories

We hope it is obvious that it is NOT our mission to keep drunk drivers driving. It is with good reason that driving under the influence is a crime subject to harsh penalties. However, there are occasions when drivers are unfairly accused, or when the system is biased against the accused. You may feel ashamed, embarrassed, and guilty. You may wish that the situation could just go away as quietly as possible. However, the fact remains that you have rights. Not only should you stand up for them, but unless you don’t mind being saddled, possibly for life, with the consequences of an arrest and conviction, you must stand up for them.

  • Challenge probable cause. If you are exiting the drive-through of a taco restaurant at 2 a.m., it’s a pretty good guess you are not on your way home from church. Anyone might surmise you’ve been partying—however, this does not constitute probable cause. A police officer must have a better reason than this to stop you. If you made no driving errors, the officer may not have had probable cause to arrest you and your case may be thrown out.
  • Challenge the sobriety tests. Were you asked to walk a straight line on a rocky road, in a brisk wind (perhaps due to cars whizzing by), wearing stiletto heels? May sound funny but it’s actually not an unlikely scenario, and it may call your field sobriety test into question. And what about the breathalyzer test? Was the machine properly calibrated? Were you watched for twenty minutes to make sure you did not belch before the test was administered? (Yes, that’s actually a rule.)

Our featured attorney in Rochester, NY is well aware of the dozens of incidents that could help you to join his collection of DUI success stories; either by winning your case or by getting it tossed out altogether. We urge you to contact him today, because truly, time is the enemy in a DUI case. You both need to get on top of the situation immediately, to avoid heavy fines and harsh penalties.

The High Cost of Indecision

We’re sure you are aware that a DUI is a serious matter. Even a first time arrest can result in many severe consequences, but if you have been arrested more than once, brace yourself for a life altering chain of events. Increasingly strict penalties are imposed on habitual offenders, including hefty fines, loss of your driver’s license, possible loss of your professional license, and even prison. It is recommended that you move quickly to secure a DUI specialist attorney and allow him time to begin preparing a strong defense for you. Each case is different, and he will need to delve into the details of your particular situation in order to assist you effectively. Contact our featured attorney today and get your arrest report into his hands so that you stand the best chance of staying out of jail, keeping your license, continuing to practice your chosen profession, and generally resuming your life. Delaying the process can only make things more difficult for you and for your attorney as he endeavors to help you. Do not fall for the negative line that a DUI case cannot be won. We encourage you to contact our featured attorney today, and we will do our best to place you among these other DUI success stories that have taken place in the US. (Note: these examples do not refer to specific cases, but to incidents which have occurred many times with a positive outcome for the accused.)

  • A man is found asleep in his car with a half-empty liquor bottle beside him and is arrested for DUI. However he states that he was sleeping it off, and no witness can be found to prove the he moved the vehicle while intoxicated. This is a winnable case.
  • A woman who never had a DUI before has a slight traffic mishap, injuring no one. Although she only ingested two drinks, she fails a breathalyzer test. Things look bad in court, until her attorney provides medical records to prove she suffered from chronic acid reflux problems (which can skew test results). Again, it’s a winnable case.
  • A man has an accident and crashes his car. At the scene he is staggering and seems disoriented. He is less than cooperative with the police, who smell alcohol on his person. Indeed, he had drunk a cocktail. However, the problem was that he was a diabetic whose sugar had dipped dangerously low, resulting in the disorientation and lack of coordination. Winnable case.
  • A young person was sitting in a parking lot, responsibly giving herself time to sober up before attempting to drive. However, the police officer working security advised her that she must leave the area. As soon as she did, he had a buddy waiting around the corner to arrest her. That’s called entrapment and it’s a winnable case.

DUI Success Stories Help You Avoid These Consequences

There are many more DUI success stories, and your story may be one. But make sure you take this situation seriously. A DUI is far more serious than a traffic ticket. Be fully aware that it may lead to any of the following consequences:

  • Denial of a green card
  • Eviction from rental property or inability to rent a new home
  • Higher insurance rates
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Loss of ability to drive a company vehicle (which may mean the loss of your job!)
  • Denial of entry to foreign countries
  • Inability to rent a car

And all this is on TOP of the obvious possibilities of getting your vehicle impounded, missing work, and paying DUI fines or defense costs.

Greatest Successes

Face the facts: the truth is that the greatest DUI success stories are the stories in which you are stopped by the police before you harm anyone or damage anything, and from this experience you learn a valuable (though costly) lesson. The greatest success is when you vow never to drive drunk again. There is simply no reason to do it. Just as you would not want your loved ones harmed or killed for the sake of someone else’s “few drinks,” no one else should be harmed for the sake of yours. The world is full of taxicabs and Uber drivers and even friends and relatives who would much rather pick you up late at night than identify you at the morgue. So do the responsible thing. Add your name to the list of the greatest DUI success stories of all: those who will never again drink and drive.