DUI Defense Attorney in NY

What to do if you get a DUI charge? When caught while driving under the influence, one of the top decisions you will need to make is whether you need to hire a DUI defense attorney or not. Sure you can hire a general criminal law attorney to represent your case to the court. But, hiring a DUI attorney always has its advantages for your defense.

DUI attorneys have...

  • a thorough knowledge about the existing DUI laws in your state
  • the ability to plea bargain details
  • the knowledge to navigate the prosecution procedures
  • the familiarity with the DUI court system.

DUI Defense Attorney in NY - What You Need to Know

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Hiring a DUI attorney is very important, especially if you’re a repeat offender. But, if it’s your first time to commit a DUI offense with no minor passengers and no additional aggravating circumstances, you could proceed with a general criminal defense lawyer.

Hiring a generalist may be the best way on how to fight DWI charges against you, but not the best if you are caught with DUI. A DUI legal proceeding is a serious situation and you may end up paying extremely high fees and even go to jail if you do not have the right representation. Hundreds of people are caught driving under the influence every month and many of them are convicted simply because they did not hire a DUI attorney.

Hiring a DUI attorney is probably the best way on how to get out of a DUI charge. In the event that you are found guilty for the DUI charged against you, he/she can help you to lower the fees you need to pay.  At the same time your DUI defense attorney can help gain and acquittal of the criminal charges filed against you.  Without a properly prepared and executed DUI defense case may put you behind bars. Besides, DUI attorney fees are often lower compared to the expenses that you may need to pay for property damages that you caused while driving under the influence.

DUI lawyers are expert legal representatives who can review your current position and tell you truthfully about the immediate and possible complications in handling your case. A good DUI lawyer will not give you guarantees, but properly advise you based on the facts of the litigation and legal guidelines that you have to deal with.

Should You Plead Guilty?

If it’s you first time to commit a DUI offense, you may choose to plead guilty to lower the DUI consequences you’re going to face. This may be a wise decision if you think that you’ll be convicted. But, before you plead guilty, see to it that you familiarize yourself with the DUI and DWI fines and penalties in your state to make an informed decision. Also, even if you’re convinced that you should plead guilty, it is still important to get advice or counsel from DUI attorneys for you to have an idea of the severity of the charges against you.

Here's an interesting video to help understand how DUI attorneys look at strategies:

DUI Defense Attorney Strategies Video Highlights

What a DUI Attorney Can Do

Aside from plea bargaining, most states have sentence bargaining and an accomplished DUI lawyer can do this for the charges against you to be dropped. Sentence bargaining is also beneficial, especially if a guilty plea results in a long term incarceration. Sentence bargaining is perfect for second DUI offenders, especially if there is an aggravated circumstance that resulted in injury or death.

Finding the Best DUI Attorney in New York

There are many things to consider when looking for the best DUI attorneys to represent you in court. Although a general practice criminal attorney will charge you with lower fees for representing your case, they are often not competent enough to win your DUI case. In looking for the best DUI lawyer, there are some questions that you need to ask to him/her. Questions you should ask to ask a DUI lawyer include the specialization of the professional in defending DWI and DUI cases. What types of DUI defense strategies he/she use, how many successful DUI cases under his name, what other DUI defense tactics he has and ask the lawyer to share to you some of DUI success stories to get to know him/her more.

Also ask the lawyer is he/she is a member of a nationally recognized organization of DUI/DWI lawyers. This gives you idea if the lawyer has an extensive network that can give him/her support in defending your DUI case.

How Much Do DUI Lawyers Cost?

How much is a lawyer for a DUI case? DUI case costs  may vary depending upon the...

  • severity of your case
  • expertise of the DUI lawyer
  • location you reside in
  • number of times you need to appear at the court
  • frequency of your consultation.

These factors determine the average DUI lawyer fees, so you may need to do your own research for at least 2-3 different lawyers to consider to hire. Prior to scheduling an appointment with your DUI attorney, see to it that you ask him/her for the upfront fees for representation. In addition, ask the lawyer if there is anything that may happen in the court hearing that can increase the cost of the representation. Perhaps, the best DUI attorney to hire is not just the one with a professionally, competent background, but also the one that offers financing and payment options.

How Much Is a DUI Attorney?

How much is a dui attorney? Before you hire a DUI attorney to defend your case, it’s best to know several important points, especially with in comes to the DUI cost provided by a DUI attorney. Ask yourself...

  • are the fees involved in the process are explained in detail?
  • is there any written contract stating the fees to be charged?
  • if so, how they will be charged?

It is highly important that you know if the DUI/DWI lawyer fee is inclusive of all costs during the litigation process or on a retainer basis only.

You also need to know if the fees cover other expenses that may arise unexpectedly such as...

  • testimonies of experts
  • hearings
  • blood reanalysis
  • cost of subpoena
  • other incurred expenses during the process of hearing.

In addition, the number of successful DUI defenses under the name of the lawyer may influence the DUI cost.

DUI attorney fees are charged depending on the time and effort your defense attorney puts into your case. As a rule of a thumb, good DUI lawyers take on just a few clients at a time and devote their time and effort to studying the case of their client. Also, DWI lawyer fees increases with the DUI offense is brought up as a felony or if the offender has previous convictions, or if there are additional appeals and retrials. The DUI lawyer fees increases if the charges against the offender are brought to administrative offense on license suspension.

Your DUI attorney may propose to charge you with a fixed rate, which covers everything, or charge you for an hour basis. He/She will also likely decide to ask for a retainer in advance. The cost of subpoena, independent blood analysis, expert testimonies of witnesses and hearings are excluded to the DUI/DWI attorney fees, so you need to shoulder them all. Therefore, see to it that you ask your DUI defense attorney to provide a written contract on the fees and charges quoted.  It's very important that you understand the details stated in the agreement.